During a Wednesday appearance on Ellen, Darren Criss serenaded host Ellen DeGeneres.

Criss, who plays out-and-proud student Blaine Anderson on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, told DeGeneres that his character's sexuality isn't relevant.

“Maybe in an idealistic world I would say, you know, it doesn't matter 'cause it shouldn't,” Criss said about his own sexuality. “But by the same token I think it's important to be explicit about the fact that I'm very, you know, comfortable with my sexuality and that I am the straight male playing a gay character and … me playing a gay character is no different than Max Adler, who plays a homophobic bully, or Heather Morris as a ditz.”

Criss then grabbed a guitar and serenaded DeGeneres, who played the voice of Dory in Disney's animated classic Finding Nemo.

“When are we going to see Finding Nemo 2, they did it for Toy Story and Cars, well, how about something new. A new story, about Dory. I hope you're buying what I'm selling. I know it ain't my choice, I just want to hear the voice of my girl Ellen,” Criss sang. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)