Fashion designer-filmmaker Tom Ford prefers to be nude.

The designer with the looks to hawk his own fashions suggests as much in a new interview with celebrity glossy Interview.

Ford has been with his partner Richard Buckley for more than 24 years. The pair grace the current cover of gay glossy Out's love issue. Ford directed last year's A Single Man.

In discussing the differences between beauty and sexuality – Ford suggested that sexuality is in the eyes, not the naked body – the 49-year-old Ford revealed he prefers to be nude.

“You have to be really physically perfect, as a woman, in our culture to be considered beautiful,” Ford said. “But full frontal male nudity challenges us. It makes men nervous. It makes women nervous. Other times in history, male nudes have been regarded in a different way. The Olympics were originally held nude. The reporter I was explaining this to said, 'This would make a great story.' I explained how when I come home I actually take off all my clothes, and I wear no clothes until I leave. I eat naked. I do everything completely naked.”

Ford went on to say that he agreed to be interviewed by the reporter in the nude.

“Anyway, we did the interview. The interviewer was straight, and I made it a point to desexualize the interview even though I was sitting with my legs wide open, completely naked. At the end of the interview, I put on a dressing gown and he put on his clothes, and I sat next to him on the sofa and said, 'Was that sexual?' He said, 'Absolutely not.' And I said, 'That's because I didn't make it sexual. Sexuality is in the eyes, it's an expression, it's in a look.' Then, all of the sudden, I looked at him in a very different way, and it made him very nervous.”