Lawmakers in the Wyoming House on Monday approved a bill that seeks to outlaw the recognition of out-of-state gay marriages, the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle reported.

Wyoming bans gay and lesbian couples from marrying but state law also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside its borders. Social conservatives worry that a legal challenge could use the loophole to legalize gay marriage.

House members approved the bill with a 32-27 vote. The legislation now heads to the Senate, where its chances for passage appear good.

During a Thursday initial vote on the measure, State Representative Frank Peasley, a Republican, argued that the law was needed to reduce government intrusion.

“I think all this is, is an outpost in culture that says, 'Listen, I feel like you're destroying everything else that I have,'” Peasley told lawmakers on the House floor. “You've got involved in the raising of my children, the way I discipline them, the way I feed them, whether or not I can smoke in the car, whether or not I have them properly equipped; you've just gotten into my life so much, let's just let me define the relationship I'm in, OK?”

Lawmakers are also expected to debate a bill that would place a gay marriage ban in the Wyoming Constitution.