Three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion John G. “Johnny” Weir says he likes masculine men, such as rocker Justin Timberlake and actor Mario Lopez.

Weir talked about the celebrities he's attracted to during a recent appearance on George Lopez's talk show Lopez Tonight on cabler TBS.

Weir was on the show pitching his new tell-all memoir Welcome to my World, which was released on January 11. In the book, Weir talked about his sexual orientation, a subject he previously refused to discuss.

“Well, I'm kind of ladylike, so I like a man, you know,” Weir told his host. “Someone maybe with a little scruff, a special way with words, a fantastic dancing ability. Someone that can really shake it when there's a live band playing and people are clapping for that.”

“I think you want Mario Lopez,” Lopez said with a sideways glance.

“Mario Lopez, Justin Timberlake,” Weir agreed with a big smile. “I mean the classics.”

All gay cabler Logo has picked up the second season of Weir's reality show Be Good Johnny Weir, which previously aired on Sundance.