In a new It Gets Better video, stars of London's West End urge gay teens to hang in there.

The It Gets Better Project encourages troubled gay teens to not cave in to bullies, because life gets better.

“I felt like everyone knew how I was feeling,” Ruthie says in the video. “But they didn't and it was just me going through it in my head and me beating myself up about it.”

Danny says he was struck by the first gay man he ever met.

“I was 7 years old and my mum's friend called Peter came round. He was such a glamorous creature. He just walked in – waltzed in. I never encountered a gay man before. And it kind of stirred something up so deep in me. And I was terrified. Absolutely terrified. And I said to my mum, 'Mummy, can that man never, ever come around ever again.' I didn't think anything can scare you when you're confronted by something that you know you are.”

The stars go on to say their lives got better and promise troubled gay teens that their lives will as well.
“It's so, so worth it. I can't even tell you. Just hold on,” Paul urges. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)