A campaign aimed at black gay men in Schenectady, New York is whipping up controversy.

The campaign to raise awareness in the African-American community features mostly young black men with the slogan “I AM GAY.”

One billboard features three black men on a basketball court with the caption, “I am gay, and this is where I play.” A black minister holding a Bible and a black parishioner inside a church are featured with the caption, “I am gay, and this is where I pray,” in a second billboard.

City Councilman Joseph Allen told the Times Union that he's opposed to the campaign.

“This kind of billboard is putting the stamp of approval on a gay lifestyle,” Allen, who is black and insists he's not homophobic, said.

The Albany-based group In Our Own Voices is behind the billboard campaign.

“I thought it would be useful and pertinent to have the campaign in the Capital Region because of the numbers for HIV and AIDS among gay black males have risen significantly,” Tandra R. LaGrone, executive director of the group, told the paper. “You have to start from a place of respect in order to address the stigma and homophobia of being a black gay man.”

Some members of the black clergy have also spoken out against the billboards.

“It's directly against God's word, and what God hates, I hate,” Pastor Richard Parsons of Consecration Temple of Church of God Christ said.