Ohio Representative Jim Jordan has decided to ditch a conservative convention because of the inclusion of a group of gay Republicans.

Jordan is the first high-ranking elected official to join at least three socially conservative groups in boycotting next month's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convention because of gay GOP group GOProud's inclusion.

“Congressman Jordan believes that, in addition to low taxes and less spending, conservatives must advocate for traditional family values like life and marriage,” Jordan spokeswoman Meghan Snyder told Cleveland daily The Plain Dealer. “Family is the cornerstone upon which a community, state or nation is built, and conservatives must lead the way in promoting the strengths of the traditional family whenever we can.”

Jordan, a Republican who chairs the U.S. House of Representatives' conservative Republican Study Committee, was among the 39 Republican lawmakers who filed an amicus brief in support of gay marriage opponents challenging the District of Columbia's gay marriage law. In 2009, he introduced legislation in Congress that would have blocked the start of the law.