Renato Seabra has confessed to killing Portuguese gay journalist Carlos Castro, the New York Post first reported.

Castro was traveling in New York City over the New Year holiday with Seabra, a 20-year-old fashion model.

The 65-year-old Castro was found dead by hotel workers at the Inter-Continental New York Times Square Hotel late on Friday. Castro suffered serious head trauma and had been castrated.

Seabra was arrested hours after he fled the scene to seek medical care at a nearby hospital.

On Monday, police announced that Seabra, who remains at Bellevue Hospital Center for psychiatric evaluation, had been charged with one count of second-degree murder.

Seabra admitted to investigators that he tortured Castro for more than an hour before knocking him unconscious with a computer monitor and then, using a wine corkscrew, he gouged out an eye and castrated his boyfriend.

He allegedly screamed at Castro, “I'm not gay anymore!”

According to The New York Daily News, Seabra denied he was gay before embarking on the trip.

“He told people back home, before the trip, that he wasn't gay,” a police source told the paper. “He got [Castro] to pay his way to New York and wanted him to boost his career, buy him things.”

Seabra earned fame last year on the Portuguese reality talent contest A Procura Do Sonho, or Pursuit of a Dream. He didn't win the contest but was signed to a modeling contract.

Seabra and Castro quarreled over sex and money. Seabra became bitter when a promised shopping trip failed to materialize, while Castro was jealous of Seabra's flirtations with girls.

Castro had written articles and books about fashion and was a vocal gay rights advocate.

Friends say the two men had been dating for several months.

Officials described the crime scene as “a mess.”