Socially conservative groups are preparing for a new push to end gay marriage in Iowa.

The push begins on Tuesday with a counter demonstration to a gay marriage rally at the Capitol sponsored by legal group Lambda Legal and One Iowa, the state's largest gay rights advocate.

In an email to supporters, Chuck Hurley of the newly formed The FAMiLY LEADER described the Iowa Supreme Court decision that brought gay marriage to the Midwest as “the unconstitutional Varnum decision,” and urged members to attend the rally.

“Please try and make it to the Capitol on Tuesday to respectfully stand up for true marriage and the right of Iowans to vote on a Marriage Amendment, a right exercised by 30 other states in the Union!”

Lawmakers have already announced they'll introduce a resolution that will begin the process of placing the question on the ballot.

According to the group, the joint resolution enjoys more than sufficient support in the Republican-controlled House to win passage. But Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has already promised to block the effort in the Senate.

“Rep. [Dwayne] Alons will probably have the 60 co-sponsors when he files the bill next week (only 51 are needed for passage),” the group wrote.

Conservatives are planning their own rally in support of Alons' bill on Saturday, January 15 at 2PM at the Mid-America Energy Center in Council Bluffs.

Moves to ban gay marriage or repeal its legalization are also taking place in New Hampshire, New Mexico, Minnesota and Wyoming.