Openly gay rugby star Gareth Thomas confides in his It Gets Better video that he once considered taking his own life.

In his video, the 36-year-old Welshman says that since he could not kill himself, he decided to start living.

“One day I sat besides my swimming pool with my legs dangling in the pool, bottle of vodka in one hand, trying to find the strength and the courage somewhere to drop myself in the water. Close my eyes, never wake up again.”

“I used to walk along the cliffs near where I live. Everyday get a little bit closer to the edge hoping that there would be a gust of wind from somewhere that would just come along, push me over the edge,” Thomas adds.

“So I realized, if I couldn't do this, if I couldn't die, that I have to start living. And by start living, mean that I have to start telling the truth.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The It Gets Better Project encourages troubled gay teens to hang in there and not cave in to bullies, because life gets better. The project was the idea of sex advice columnist (Savage Love) and gay rights activist Dan Savage.

The online collection of videos has inspired thousands to record messages of hope. Celebrities and high-profile politicians who have created videos for the It Gets Better Project include President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, New York Governor David Paterson, Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns, rocker Adam Lambert and actor Neil Patrick Harris.

In a Tuesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Thomas said he once “prayed to be straight.”

Coming out, Thomas added, can send a positive message.

“Sport is something that can change the world,” he told DeGeneres. “And with somebody being gay in sport and being able to continue that sport sends such a positive message to children and adults.”

Mickey Rourke recently said he would like to play Thomas in a movie about his life.