New Mexico Attorney General Gary King announced on Wednesday that the out-of-state marriages of gay and lesbians couples are likely valid in New Mexico, the AP reported.

King's nonbinding legal opinion was at the request of state Rep. Al Park, a Democrat from Albuquerque.

“Without an identifiable adverse public policy in this area, we conclude that a court addressing the issue would likely hold … that a valid same-sex marriage from another jurisdiction is valid in New Mexico,” King said.

New Mexico is one of only two states – the other being Rhode Island – whose laws are completely silent on the subject.

In recent years, Democratic lawmakers have attempted to approve legislation that would recognize gay and lesbian couples with domestic partnerships, while Republicans have worked on placing a gay marriage ban in the New Mexico Constitution, but neither has won passage.

King's opinion is expected to unite gay marriage foes.

Another bill that would ban the institution is expected to be introduced in the upcoming legislative session.

“I believe that the citizens of New Mexico, not only have a right, but have an obligation to define their own culture,” state Senator William Sharer, the bill's primary sponsor, said. “Culture should not be defined by a judge or an attorney general. This is something that the citizens of New Mexico ought to have a right to vote on.”