Conservative celebrity Glenn Beck has denied his new book The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life is a “gay parenting handbook.”

The 46-year-old Beck, who rankled conservatives last year when he said that he was OK with gay marriage, appears on the cover holding his young son Rafe as co-author Keith Ablow, M.D smiles at the pair from behind.

“For people who are looking for The 7 today and you see it maybe on a bookshelf, it's not a gay parenting manual,” Pat Gray, co-host of Beck's syndicated radio show The Glenn Beck Program, said on Tuesday.

“Not that there's anything wrong with gay parenting manuals, but this isn't one,” Gray said.

“From the book cover, you would clearly think that Glenn and Keith are in love and they've adopted this child,” he added.

Beck, however, disagreed, saying that he wanted Ablow on the cover because The 7 is not a political book but rather a book about “being happy and finding yourself.”