Is Darren Criss rooting for his Glee character, Blaine, and Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, to become romantically involved? It appears that way.

The Fox series newcomer on Sunday tweeted a new moniker for the pair that certainly suggests romance.

“So there's KLAINE, and then there's KURT COBLAINE,” the new star tweeted his nearly 80,000 followers. “I've just recently heard the latter and I think it's incredible. All respect to Ms. Love.”

Colfer and Criss have shed few details about where their television romance is headed.

But the choir boys are set to share a Valentine's Day duet on the show's February 8 episode.

Kurt and Blaine will reportedly be crooning Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone “outside a Gap store as Blaine prepares to profess his love.”

“There might be a development,” Colfer told TV Guide's William Keck.

But Colfer also recently suggested that Kurt's romance might be found somewhere else.

“Maybe they're not going to kiss? Maybe a nice hug will do for them. Maybe they're a higher-level relationship; everything is spiritual. Who knows?” Colfer said.