Emmy-wining actor Neil Patrick Harris messaged a 10 part list of New Year resolutions to his over 1 million Twitter followers.

One resolution was a reference to an online spat the new dad had with The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden.

“Part 3: Try not to insult aged soap stars, especially when you're on the same network,” he tweeted before the start of 2011.

After Braeden backed out of a guest spot on CBS' How I Met Your Mother, Harris messaged: “Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. The actor, (Robin's dad) agreed to a cameo, then last nigh bailed, saying the part wasn't 'substantial' enough.”

Harris later recanted, tweeting: “Now I feel bad for the D-Bag comment. Don't know the guy personally. I'm just fiercely protective of our show. Jpk.”

The 37-year-old actor has also resolved to eat more nachos, read more, learn to speak baby, return emails and texts in a timely manner, do more yoga, sleep more, drink less, and make shorter lists in the new year.