There will be fifty more anti-gay House members when the 112th Congress begins work in 2011.

According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest gay rights advocate, the number of anti-gay House members will increase from 172 to 222 in the next Congress.

That is, the majority of the House will be anti-gay, grinding pro-equality measures to a halt.

Allison Herwitt of the HRC talked about the new Congress with Kerry Eleveld, the Washington corresponded for gay glossy The Advocate who'll be moving on in the new year. Eleveld spoke with Herwitt on the second – and likely the final – episode of the video program A View from the Hill.

“As we are going into the 112th Congress we're looking at about 27 less pro-equality members in the House, so we're at 169 and we're two less in the Senate, we're at 40,” Herwitt told Eleveld.

She went on to explain that the midterm elections had dramatically increased the number of anti-gay lawmakers: Fifty more in the House and two more in the Senate.

“So, that's quite a jump. And when you think about the number that you need to get any piece of legislation passed in the House … it's 218. So, if they're starting with 222 anti-equality members, clearly we have our work cut out for us,” Herwitt said.

Eleveld agreed, saying it sounded like an uphill climb.