“Elton & wife proud dads,” the New York Post published on Wednesday.

And by wife, the Post was referring to David Furnish, Sir Elton John's partner of nearly two decades. The couple welcomed 7-pound, 15-ounce Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John on Christmas Day. The baby was born in California via an unnamed surrogate.

In a blog post published Thursday, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), chided the daily.

“It's not a long walk from 'wife' to 'girly,'” the group wrote. “From there it's a pretty straight line to 'sissy' and 'f*ggot.'”

“No matter how seemingly benign the insult, and no matter how seemingly invulnerable the target, it's always a dangerous game when you're telling people it's okay to insult others because of their sexual orientation. That's exactly what the Post did when it headlined this piece – and it's exactly what the Post is doing now, by refusing to correct it.”

The birth comes after the couple was blocked by officials from adopting two Ukrainian boys – Lev and his HIV-positive brother Artyom – last year.

Sir Elton, 63, and Furnish, a 48-year-old filmmaker, entered a UK civil partnership in 2005 after a 12-year engagement.