Cinnadunkers!  That's all I could muster up when I read Oregon was halting a domestic partnership law scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.   Domestic partnerships Oregon?  It's called marriage, look it up!

I'm going to crash your new year festivities dressed as the baby new year and let you cradle me till oh-oh-eight or appear as father time and feed you poisoned new year cake.  Keep reading to find out which.

Most molested 2007: On Top Magazine first reported on Larry "I am not (are too!) gay" Craig's bathroom adventures in 2006.  Mainstream media picked-up the story in 2007 when the Idaho Senator was arrested during a sex-sting operation in a Minneapolis airport restroom.   Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle angered gay tourists as he spent much of the year making provocative anti-gay statements.

I would meet Tina Fey in a dive diner and let her write slanderous, but hilarious, stories about me.

It's a comfort to know, when you're singing the getting older blues, that movie critics prefer old men.

Most inspired 2007: San Diego's Republican mayor teared-up in 2007 when he announced his support for same-sex marriage after revealing his daughter was gay.

Moment to live 2008: Sitting across from Donnie T at Trump Tower as he says, "Cowboy, you're hired!"; after only one assignment.

In the column arrested/convicted we have: Rebecca De Mornay arrested in Los Angeles, Mischa Barton arrested in W. Hollywood, and Yung Joc arrested in Cleveland.   Yet Britney remains free, that's justice.

Man to meet 2008: Vinnie D'Angelo.  Scratch that, done.  Scratch that, would do again.

Most disappointing 2007: Democrats drop a hate crimes bill designed to protect gays without even taking a vote.

Most surprising 2007:  Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore outed by "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling.

I found myself with too much food at Christmas 'cause little sis and crew (also known as "Eight is enough") left the party early.   7-year-old Noah said of my pear tart, "Now that's a good apple pie!"  I got cards for stores and a bit of money, which I'm saving for the operation.

Click here to see Madonna eating spam!

Will you read The Gay Slant?  Ms McAdam writes, "OTM has little to no relevance in my life.  I mean I am not over forty, and I am not on a journey, and I am not gay!  Do I lie?  No more bon mots for you till you come to visit me."  I ain't visiting you coach.

Resolution 2008: No more streaking!

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