After recording an It Gets Better video supporting gay teens in October, President Barack Obama returns to make a cameo appearance in a White House staff video released on Tuesday.

In the video, Brian Bond, deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement, says he knew at an early age that he was gay and was terrified, then introduces the president by saying, “Like the president said ...”

“There's a whole world waiting for you filled with possibilities,” Obama says. “There are people out there who love you and care about you just the way you are. And so, if you ever feel like because of bullying, because of what people are saying, that you're getting down on yourself, you've got to make sure to reach out to people you trust.”

“The president's right,” Bond says.

Obama returns at the end to add: “And everyday, it gets better.”

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who founded the It Gets Better Project, previously praised Obama for reaching out to gay teens.

Other lawmakers who have created a video include Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Britain's Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.