A new push for gay marriage begins on Monday with the birthing of Equality Matters.

“We believe that the moment for decisive action for full gay equality is here – that this moment is a historic imperative,” Richard Socarides, president of the nascent group, said in a statement announcing the group. “The goal of Equality Matters is to leverage our expertise in media and communications, and politics and policy, to support those who share that belief and help create an environment where policymakers, the courts, the media and the public at large understand that gay rights are human rights.”

The group bills itself as a “communications war room for gay equality” and its new website is expected to tackle homophobia in the media.

The group is launching after a decisive victory – the demise of the military's ban on openly gay service – and is looking to clear a political path for lawmakers supportive of gay rights, including marriage.

“Going forward, we must continue to do battle against the cynical obstructionists of the right-wing apparatus and conservative movement who still try to exploit fear for their own partisan and anti-Obama political reasons,” Socarides, a former adviser on gay rights to President Bill Clinton, added. “It's clear the right-wing wants to continue to have this fight through the upcoming presidential election and – as candidate Bob Dole tried to do against Bill Clinton in1996 with the issue of marriage – use it as a wedge against Democrats and progressives.”

The group's leadership flows from Media Matters for America, the progressive media watchdog group founded by journalist and author David Brock after coming out gay and defecting from the conservative movement.

Its website, available on Monday, will be edited by Kerry Eleveld, the Washington correspondent for gay glossy The Advocate. Eleveld begins her new job in January.