Chloe Sevigny, who plays second wife Nicolette Grant on HBO's Big Love, says she has a “strong lesbian fan base.”

The 36-year-old actress, fashion designer and former model has played gay in several independent films, including her first mainstream role in Boys Don't Cry and HBO's If These Wall Could Talk 2.

Sevigny was branded bisexual after saying in a 2000 New York Times profile: “I've questioned issues of gender and sexuality since I was a teenager, and I did some experimenting.” But she denied she was bisexual in a 2010 interview with gay glossy The Advocate.

“There were a lot of articles that made reference to that,” Sevigny said, referring to the Times' profile, “but at this point I couldn't care less what people call me. I still kiss girls occasionally, but I wouldn't say I was bisexual.”

In a Playboy interview on newsstands now, Sevigny added that those lesbian roles continue to follow her: “By the time of Boys Don't Cry I had already spoken in interviews about my sexual experimenting as a young person. It sure seems that I have a pretty strong lesbian fan base because when I'm out, everybody responds to those films.”