Rocker Adam Lambert is backing up nascent gay rights group FCKH8.

The 28-year-old American Idol season 8 runner-up tweeted support for the group on Monday.

“@FCKH8 hell yeah,” he messaged his nearly 800,000 followers with a link to the group's latest video, FCK BULLIES by DON'T B H8N ON THE HOMOS!

FCKH8's frequent – some would say excessive – use of the word fuck has divided gay rights advocates. Critics say such tactics provoke social conservative groups opposed to gay rights and can be offensive.

“Hey,” a sweet-looking female teen says in the video, “are you one of those fuck wads that has a fucking problem with kids being gay?”

After a young girl asks, “If I grow up to be a lesbo,” and pre-teen boy says, “If I grow up to be gay,” the girl returns to add: “Do you want me to get fucking gay bashed?” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The openly gay – and increasingly political – Lambert denied the video was offensive.

“It's just a fucking word – and it's for a good cause,” Lambert tweeted. “Sometimes fire w/fire is a great way to illustrate a point. I'm sure most kids have heard the word in movies and songs etc. … This video ain't gonna corrupt anyone.”

FCKH8 sells t-shirts, stickers and calendars to support gay rights groups. The group's first video Prop 8 Is H8: Straight Talk On Gay Marriage has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

In October, Lambert told gay teens to stay proud in an It Gets Better video.