A district attorney's investigation into allegations of fraud pushed Michael Portantino, the former publisher of San Diego gay weekly Gay & Lesbian Times, over the edge, Portantino lawyer Marc Carlos says.

The 52-year-old publisher on Wednesday jumped off the Park Manor Suites Hotel to his death. His body was discovered by passers-by, who called emergency services.

Portantino abruptly shut down his 22-year-old publication in October, leaving behind irate staffers who complained that their checks had bounced.

Lawyer Marc Carlos told alternative the San Diego Reader that an ongoing investigation pushed his client into despair.

“There was never any discussion that [Portantino] would not be charged,” Carlos said. “We were discussing potential charges that we could negotiate. I wanted misdemeanor chargers.”

“The investigation involved allegations of inflating circulation to advertisers.”

“He was distraught over the whole thing – people impugning his integrity. That is what pushed him over the edge,” Carlos added.

Authorities began investigating Portantino after the now defunct San Diego News Network reported the allegations in a May 11 story. The story, and subsequent investigation, sent advertisers packing.

Portantion was the brother of California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.