Michael Portantino, the former publisher of San Diego gay weekly Gay & Lesbian Times, committed suicide on Wednesday, the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News reported.

The 52-year-old publisher reportedly jumped off the Park Manor Suites Hotel to his death. His body was discovered by passers-by, who called emergency services.

Portantino's 22-year-old weekly suddenly ceased publication in October, leaving behind irate staffers who complained that their checks had bounced.

The San Diego Reader is reporting that Portantino was being investigated by the district attorney over claims his newspaper had bloated circulation figures in an effort to boost revenues.

“I have from an excellent source that Portantino had been told through his lawyer that the D.A. would be indicting him,” Don Bauder, the author of the San Diego Reader blog Scam Diego, wrote.

The allegations of unethical conduct were first reported in a May 11 story published by the now defunct San Diego News Network.

In August, Portantino was admitted to the hospital.

He had told reporters that he had reached a settlement with the IRS to pay the government back taxes he owed.