Whether it was the kiss between gay student Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer, and Max Adler's closeted football player Dave Karofsky or the addition of Darren Criss, who plays out and proud student Blaine, more than ten-thousand people say the Fox musical-comedy Glee should be canceled because it's too gay.

Fans of the Facebook group Glee is Gay say the show needs to go.

“Waaa this show gives me gay nightmares, about getting raped by the cast of Glee,” the moderator wrote.

In season 2, Glee ringmaster Ryan Murphy has introduced a gay bullying storyline and a second openly gay student, and has promised romance for gay McKinley High student Hummel, creating one of the most gay-inclusive shows on network television. But not everyone is cheering.

“Hey everybody – just a word to all of our fans and page-visitors! If you think 'gay' means happy – ur all poorly mistaken. This page dus [sic] not appreciate homo ass Glee by any means, LOOK AT THE DP!!! Feel free to leave if you have made that dumbass mistake.”

Posts ask users, “Which fag do u hate the most on this show?” and “Which song do you think they'll ruin next?”