Skating with the Stars celebrity judge John G. “Johnny” Weir will premiere his single Dirty Love in Flint, Michigan on Saturday, December 11.

The three-time U.S. National Champion Figure Skating champion will premiere his first single as he headlines Holiday Dreams on Ice.

During an interview with Australian radio, Weir said he was working furiously to take advantage of the many opportunities that were coming his way.

That includes sharing the judging panel on the ABC hit Skating with the Stars with television commentator Dick Button and Lady Gaga choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Weir's routine set to Lady Gaga's Poker Face on the show's premiere drew thunderous applause. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

A second season of his reality show Be Good Johnny Weir has already begun taping.

And Weir's media empire is also expanding into print with the release of his memoir Welcome to my World on January 11. Weir has said the book will include details of his sex life, a topic the 26-year-old Weir has steadfastly refused to discuss.