Five openly gay or bisexual celebrities are up for lesbian entertainment website's Out Lesbian/Bi Woman of the Year award.

The website's 2010 Visibility Awards asks readers to choose their favorite gay or bisexual woman of the year. The nominees include Lady Gaga, Jane Lynch, Margaret Cho, Portia DeGeneres and Chely Wright.

Singer Lady Gaga has led a one-celebrity crusade against the military's ban on open gay service, known as “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.” She has been nominated for six Grammy awards.

Jane Lynch appears on the gay-inclusive Fox musical-comedy hit Glee. Earlier in the year, the 50-year-old actress became one of the few high-profile celebrities to enter a same-sex marriage.

While currently married to a man, comedian Margaret Chou says she's bisexual. Her latest album, Chou Dependent, is nominated for a Grammy.

Chely Wright became the first high-profile country music star to come out gay. In May, she released her memoir of being a closeted lesbian, Like Me, and her latest album, Lifted Off The Ground, and told that she's gay.

Actress Portia DeGeneres took her talk show host wife's surname this year. Portia and Ellen married in 2008. She also released a memoir, Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain, in which she wrote that she originally didn't want to be gay. Early voting results show DeGeneres with a narrow lead over Wright.

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