The Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA) has suggested allowing AIDS to run rampant, since it's only killing gay and bisexual men.

In a blog post published on World AIDS Day, Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis at the AFA, wrote that “we know what causes AIDS: homosexual sex and injection drug use,” and goes on to suggest that taxpayers should stop funding AIDS research.

“Homosexual activist groups likewise are pushing a lifestyle that kills. If anybody should be obligated to pony up funds to mitigate a health crisis, it ought to be the organizations that are responsible for advocating the very behavior that created and perpetuates the epidemic.”

“In other words, the same approach we take to kids and smoking. American tobacco manufacturers were forced to cough up over $200 billion because they peddle a product that kills people.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently added the AFA to the same list of hate groups as the Ku Klux Klan, the Nation of Islam and the Aryan Nations for its opposition to gay rights.

Fischer rejected the designation, arguing that “what the SPLC calls 'myths' about homosexuality turn out to be what neutral observers call 'truths' about homosexuality.”

Fischer asserts that it's true that “homosexuals controlled the Nazi Party and helped orchestrate the Holocaust,” that “homosexuals molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals,” that “hate crime laws will lead to the jailing of pastors who criticize homosexuality and the legalization of practices like bestiality and necrophilia,” and that being gay is a choice.

In an earlier blog post, Fischer reached out to troubled gay teens considering suicide. He wrote that he was “here to help” and urged the teens to “resist homosexual impulses” which will “leave you diseased, lonely and dead.”