Skating with the Stars celebrity judge John G. “Johnny” Weir says he'll talk about his sex life in his upcoming book Welcome to my World.

The 26-year-old's memoir is set to hit bookshelves on January 11 but, according to the book's description, it's more anecdotal than autobiographical.

“A collection of wildly entertaining anecdotes and essays about everything from pop culture to skating to fashion to Johnny himself,” the description reads. “Finally, fans have the opportunity to get to know who Johnny Weir really is, inside and out.”

But what fans really want to know is why did gay glossy Out name him Diva of the Year, when Weir has steadfastly refused to discuss his sexual orientation.

In an interview with The Age, Weir slips a bit, telling the Australian daily that he'll talk about his long-term relationship, which he describes as a “miserable failure,” in his memoir, then adds, “But my biggest relationship … is with myself.”

“I don't live in a generation that is defined solely by who they sleep with,” he adds. “That is the thing of least importance in my life that makes me Johnny Weir. I don't have sex, anyway; I don't have time. I'm basically a monk.”