In a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter, actor Michael Douglas says he's already begun prepping to play flamboyant pianist Liberace.

The 66-year-old Douglas says doctors have given him a good prognosis in his fight with throat cancer and is now focusing on his first post-cancer role.

“I've got a bunch of tapes of performances,” he said. “I'm thinking; I'm a blank slate. Everything shows me he was a lovely man; I just want to reconfirm that.”

Acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh will direct Douglas in the starring role of Liberace starting in May or June. The project, which has been on the back burner for over two years, will also feature Matt Damon playing the part of Scott Thorson, Liberace's alleged lover. The movie is based on a script by Richard LaGravenese, which is based on Thorson's book Behind the Candelabra (My Life With Liberace).

Liberace vehemently denied he was gay and successfully sued The Daily Mirror and Confidential in 1957 for implying he was gay.

Also set to begin filming is Clint Eastwood's biopic of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who also denied he was gay.