Actor-singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson's debut video from his new studio album Revelations is quickly gaining fans on YouTube.

The video for Love is Love has attracted more than 1,400 views in just under two days.

The song is “about equality, especially for the gay and lesbian community,” Jacobson told On Top Magazine in an email.

In the video, Jacobson is rejected by his parents after announcing he's found a new love, a gay love.

“Why are they so sad I found love?” he sings.

“I thought they would be oh so happy,” he sings, then over video of his parents receiving the sacrament with tiny Bibles instead of communion wafers he adds, “but they're blinded by lies from above.”

The video goes on to criticize Catholic Church teachings that label gay relationships as sinful.  (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Jacobson has appeared in numerous theater productions and in several independent films, including Ghost in the Garden and A Date With Howie.

Revelations was released on November 19 and is available for purchase on Apple's iTunes.