Officials in the District of Columbia have declared the high-tech marriage of a Dallas gay couple invalid.

Mark Reed and Dante Walkup married earlier this month on the Internet via a Skype call after a 10 year engagement. The Skype call connected the couple to Sheila Alexander-Reid, who officiated their wedding from the nation's capital. The city legalized gay marriage in March.

Prior to the ceremony, the pair traveled to D.C. to register their marriage, but they exchanged vows in front of a 6-by-8 foot screen illuminated with the image from the teleconference call in a Dallas hotel conference room. (A video of the ceremony is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The couple said they received a notice in the mail last week stating that their high-tech marriage, known as e-marriage, was not valid.

“It was extremely disappointing. We were very depressed on Friday,” Mark Reed-Walkup told gay weekly the Dallas Voice. “We felt like we had covered our bases, and all of the media out there was agreeing. No one was saying what we did wasn't legal, so we felt very confident that we had succeeded, and so it really was a kick in the stomach and it hurt.”

“Having that piece of paper that says you're legally married really means a lot to a couple, at least it did to us. It made a stronger emotional bond that we didn't expect. That same emotional bond that we felt strengthened our relationship was taken away on Friday.”

He added that the pair were considering their legal options and remained committed to marrying in the District of Columbia.

“I can only speculate that there was somebody out there motivated by homophobia or politics or both that wanted to see this marriage annulled and prevent other couples from pursuing it,” he said.