Hollywood actor and new father John Travolta is threatening to sue a website for posting claims that he's gay.

The site Gawker.com received a 5-page letter from Travolta lawyer Marty Singer disputing claims made by Robert Randolph in the posting as “false and outrageous” and “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source.”

In the post, titled The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta, the site repeats claims made by Randolph in his self-published memoir You'll Never Spa in This Town Again. Randolph's allegations against Travolta have also appeared in tabloids the National Enquirer and Star.

Randolph claims he's witnessed Travolta involved in Los Angeles' “secret gay spa subculture.”

“I walked in and the guy was giving John a blowjob and, like guys do, he pulled his head up when I walked in. Then they left the room,” Randolph said. “I followed them up there [to an empty massage room] and … watched them have sex. Full-blown sex. Anal.”

“I've seen people sucking his dick,” he added. “I've seen him sucking other guys' dicks. Anal wasn't always involved. But there was always action of some kind.”

Randolph also describes the men Travolta is attracted to: “His taste has changed over the 15 years that I've seen him visiting spas. … He does do more masculine gay guys, but his thing is straight guys.”

Travolta's lawyer is demanding the website take down the post permanently.