Fort Worth officials have dropped intoxication charges against four men in connection with a police raid on a gay bar last year, the Dallas News reported.

The city announced Friday that charges against Chad Gibson, George Armstrong, Dylan Brown and Jose Macias were dropped Thursday.

The four men were arrested in June during a police raid on the Rainbow Lounge, a gay bar. Gibson, who was hospitalized for a severe head injury after he hit his head outside the bar while in police custody, had also pleaded not guilty to assaulting a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent.

“Their words early on were that serious mistakes were made by law enforcement and the city wanted to learn from those mistakes and move forward,” Adam Seidel, an attorney presenting Gibson and Armstrong, told the paper. “I guess finally the actions are matching the words.”

The raid sparked a loud outcry from the city's gay and lesbian community, which called the raid “police harassment.”

A police department report released soon after the raid suggested that police officers and agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), which assisted the department in carrying out the bar inspection, turned violent during the inspection because they faced sexually aggressive patrons – a claim eye-witnesses deny – including groping officers.

TABC officials fired three agents involved in the raid, while police officers received a one- to three-day suspension.