Tony Perkins, the president of the Christian-based Family Research Council (FRC), warned Thursday that lifting the military's ban on gay and bisexual service would push out service members and choke off the flow of new recruits, forcing the Obama administration to reinstate the draft.

“Barack Obama is opposed to the draft as a matter of principle, to be sure,” Perkins wrote in an op-ed for the The Daily Caller. “But the president's drive to repeal the ban on open homosexuality in the military could have this unintended consequence: It could bring back the draft.”

Without “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” “your military family will be confronted again and again with forced acceptance of a lifestyle you regard as immoral.”

Perkins predicted the appointment of a military “czar” to promote the “homosexual lifestyle.”

“All of these undesirable outcomes will cause a sharp reduction in recruitment,” he added. “We have a top general and admiral who now say outrageously: If you don't like it, 'get out!' They are asking for an exodus.”

Perkins' warnings come a day after Democratic leaders agreed to forge ahead with a second attempt at repeal after the Thanksgiving break and the release of a survey that found that 50 percent of Americans disagree with the gay ban.