Fans of singer Adam Lambert have created an It Gets Better video to support troubled gay teens.

The 10-minute video titled It Gets Better (by Adam Lambert Fans) was compiled by a fan who goes by the name of JamieGlambert.

In the video, set to Lambert's hit single Aftermath, fans share their stories of being bullied because they were perceived to be different and encourage troubled gay youth to hang in there.

“If you're being teased in school, in your community or online, know that you're not alone, and that it will get better,” says Joy. “And not only does it get better in the future, but it can get better right now. It's time to take a stand against intolerant, small minded people. We want to reach out. We're building a community of lamberts all over the world who care about love, connection, joy and respect.”

“If you're different, stand up for it,” adds JamieGlambert. “Hold on to your friends and family and people who love you. And just make it through.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The video also features several members of the Glam Nation tour, including Tommy Joe Ratliff and Camilla Grey.

In Lambert's own It Gets Better video recorded last month, the rocker urges gay teens to stay proud.