Social conservatives in Iowa are urging Democrats to elect new leadership in the Senate to help get a question regarding gay marriage on the ballot, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal has reiterated his vow to block any effort to place an amendment that defines marriage as a heterosexual union in the Iowa Constitution. Such a move would overturn last year's Iowa Supreme Court decision that brought gay marriage to the Midwest.

“I don't think I've really wavered on that subject,” he said. “I'm not going to write discrimination into the constitution.”

Iowa voters on November 2 ousted three of the seven justices who legalized gay marriage last year, and turned over the House and the Governor's Mansion to Republicans, sending a powerful message to Democrats.

But Democrats kept control of the Senate, making Gronstal the largest roadblock to plans by Republicans to move on repeal.

“The people have spoken and I would offer some helpful advice to Senate Democrats to listen to the people when electing their new leader,” Bob Vander Plaats, who spearheaded the $1 million campaign to oust the three judges, said.

Gronstal, however, is running unopposed.