Large Republican gains on November 2 are prompting new calls to outlaw gay marriage in North Carolina, the AP reported.

A Democrat-controlled Legislature has previously blocked Republican-backed bills to place an amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union in the North Carolina Constitution. But next year's Republican takeover of both chambers has given ban backers new hope.

“We are definitely concerned that the new leadership is far more likely to bring up a vote,” Ian Palmquist, executive director of Equality North Carolina, the state's largest gay rights advocate, said.

“People are definitely looking at North Carolina because we have been so successful at blocking an amendment in the past.”

The new GOP majority in the Senate will be large enough to approve placing the question on the ballot, but Republicans will likely need the help of four Democratic members in the General Assembly.

Other states where Republican gains threaten gay rights include New Hampshire and Iowa, where lawmakers would like to reverse gay marriage laws. In Minnesota, Indiana and Pennsylvania, talk is centered around banning gay marriage.