The February premiere of ...In a Bottle (...Dalam Botol), which features a transgender woman, is expected to create controversy in conservative Malaysia, where singer Adam Lambert's concert was protested last month.

The film explores the relationship between Ruby, a transgender woman who keeps her penis in a bottle, and her male lover Ghaus. Before altering her sex, Ruby and Ghaus were involved in a gay relationship.

Gay sex is a criminal offense in Malaysia and being gay is considered a taboo in the Muslim stronghold.

“This is the first movie in Malaysia about gays, and it's going to get attention because it's something different,” Wan Raja, who plays Ghaus, told Reuters.

Censors have previously only allowed gay characters if they repent or are killed off. The censorship board approved the film because Ruby ultimately regrets altering her sex, but asked filmmakers to alter the original title Penis in a Bottle.

Rocker Adam Lambert agreed to tone down his Kuala Lumpur performance last month amid allegations that his show promotes “gay culture.” The 28-year-old openly gay singer agreed to cut out a kiss between himself and his male keyboardist.

Lambert said it was a “tough decision” but he did it out of “respect” for Malaysian culture.