Celebrity psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere has apologized for saying that having a gay child is every parent's “worst nightmare.”

The media savvy doctor made his comment on Friday during a CNN segment in which he spoke to a Kansas City mother who allowed her son to dress as Daphne from the cartoon Scooby Doo for Halloween.

The mother took on critics of her parenting in a blog post titled My Son Is Gay, which attracted nationwide attention after millions read her thoughts and thousands commented.

“This little post about this sweet, handsome boy strikes a chord with everybody,” the mother, who asked to be identified as Sarah, told ABC News.

In the CNN segment, Sarah phoned in to discuss why she spoke out on the incident, which involved several mothers voicing their disapproval.

Gardere said “it is the worst nightmare of heterosexual and gay couples to have to fathom that their child may be gay.”

Sarah didn't respond to the comment, but several media outlets called on Gardere to apologize.

“What sits high on my parental nightmare list (gay isn't even on it) is that people like Dr. Gardere are contributing to a culture of hatred by alluding that having a gay child is a terrible thing for families,” Rob Anderson wrote in the Boston Globe.

On Sunday, Gardere did apologize, and he also expounded on his thoughts.

“I have made this same statement before but have always completed the thought with 'because they were worried that their child would face isolation, hostility, emotional and physical bullying from people who are anti-gay,” he wrote.

Gardere added that in his haste he failed to “get to the next thought.”

“There is absolute no excuse for this mental lapse, especially on such an important topic,” he added.