Emboldened by their successful campaign to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justices who favored gay marriage, coupled with a Republican takeover of the House, social conservatives are pressuring Governor-Elect Terry Branstad to end the Midwest's only gay marriage law now.

The campaign to drive out three out of seven of the justices who unanimously voted in favor of legalizing gay marriage last year was spearheaded by Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats.

Vander Plaats turned his attention to the judicial bench after his social issues-driven campaign failed to win him the Republican nomination for governor.

The earliest lawmakers could put a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage before voters is 2014, provided the measure passes both legislative chambers twice. Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, a Democrat, has already said he'll block the measure from coming to the senate floor.

“People don't want to wait four, six, eight years to have their voice heard on this issue,” Vander Plaats told the Quad City Times. “They want to have the legislature let their voice be heard, they want to have the governor to let their voice be heard.”

Vander Plaats said he'll continue to pressure Branstad, who opposes gay marriage, to end the law by executive order, a move the governor-elect dismissed as illegal during the campaign.

“The courts have said, no, the governor doesn't have the authority to overrule a Supreme Court decision by executive order,” he said on Wednesday. “I know of no state that has ruled that way and I guess if somebody wants that to be done, I think they'd have to cite some legal authority as to why you should do that.”