Emmy-winning Jane Lynch has praised the Fox musical comedy Glee for its gay inclusiveness as Darren Criss arrives.

Criss' character of Blaine, a gay student from a rival glee club named the Dalton Academy Warblers, debuts in Tuesday's episode.

The addition was lauded by Lynch, who plays the role of sharp-tongued coach Sue Sylvester.

“Anytime you can make kids, especially out in the far reaches, where maybe they're not embraced for having a particular sexual orientation, to give them role models, and hope [is good],” she told OnTheRedCarpet.com as she walked the red carpet of the BAFTA Britannia Awards.

She added that she loves the show's message of unconditional love.

“To see this idealized world, where people stick up for each other, and they are as strong as their weakest link. If someone's being made fun of, they rally behind, and I love that,” she said.

Bloggers have suggested that Criss could play Chris Colfer's boyfriend on the hit show. Michael Ausiello, however, suggested that Glee showmaster Ryan Murphy might be keeping his options open.

“Blaine … will maintain a strictly platonic friendship with McKinley High's most out and proud pupil,” the Hollywood insider wrote. “But could that change as the season progresses? Yes, it could.”

Criss became an Internet star playing the lead in the University of Michigan's production of A Very Potter Musical, a musical spoof that went viral on the net. He also appeared in last year's short-lived ABC drama Eastwick. (Video of Criss performing Teenage Dream from Tuesday's episode is embedded in the right panel of this page.)