Jean “Johnny” Pigozzi says designer Tom Ford told him that's he's not welcome in his Manhattan store. And neither are any other “big fat guys.”

Ford, who last year earned praise for his seamless transition from iconic fashion designer to film director with the debut of his film A Single Man, reportedly told off the Italian investor and photographer.

The six-foot-four Pigozzi, who wears a size XXL, told Vanity Fair that Ford, who is openly gay, chided him about being fat when he complained to the shop owner.

Pigozzi says he told Ford, “Tom, I went to your shop. I couldn't buy a handkerchief.”

“Tom said, 'You know why? I don't want big fat guys like you in my shop.'”

Pigozzi added that he believes Ford is making a mistake because “big buys like me have the money.”

Pigozzi's Limoland brand of clothing is bright and brash, offered in sizes from XS to XXL and its logo is a charming, blue-colored big eared monster displaying a mouthful of teeth.