Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman's coming out gay reality series will premiere in December on A&E.

Bragman is the man behind the celebrity self-outings of Chaz Bono, Chely Wright and Meredith Baxter.

The series, appropriately titled Coming Out, has been under development since July.

Bragman told the Globe that finding stars to come out gay on a reality series has been difficult.

“It is a difficult series to cast and produce, but celebrities have been approaching me,” he said.

“The idea is people tune in each week to find out who is coming out – and the response will be either 'Duh!' or 'Wow!' We will have 'Wows!'”

“But it is not about how big the celebrity is,” he added. “It's really about the storytelling. I'll never force somebody out.”

Bragman is considered the go-to PR man on coming out gay for celebrities. His first client was actor Dick Sergeant in 1991. Bragman is also behind the recent self-outing of Chaz Bono as transgender. And he helped country singer Chely Wright and actress Meredith Baxter come out gay.

During a panel on the subject at Outfest, Los Angeles' gay & lesbian film festival, Bragman called a multi-million-dollar closeted celebrity “sad.”

“If there are superstar male actors who are in the closet and they are worth $100 million and they have this whole fake life, there's just nothing sadder,” he told the crowd.

Bragman, who's openly gay and married to Chuck O'Donnell in California, runs the Los Angeles-based PR firm Fifteen Minutes.