Rhode Island democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio on Thursday lost the endorsement of the state's largest gay marriage advocate, Marriage Equality Rhode Island PAC (MERI PAC).

The reversal comes after Caprio, 44, tweeted to his followers on the subject.

“Gay Marriage: In favor of it going on the ballot, would sign it into law if it passed the general assembly.”

In an email to backers titled Caprio Can't Have It Both Ways, the group withdrew its support of the state's general treasurer.

“We are completely opposed to any ballot initiative,” Patrick Smock, chair of MERI PAC, said. “History is clear. The question of civil rights for a minority group should never be placed in the hands of the majority, who already enjoy all those rights, privileges and protections.”

“This is the first time we have heard Mr. Caprio take this position and we are shocked,” Smock added.

“Favoring a ballot initiative and supporting the legislative process are two completely different positions. Mr. Caprio can't have it both ways.”

The group continues to endorse independent candidates Lincoln Chafee and Todd Giroux, along with Moderate Party candidate Kenneth Block.

Former U.S. senator Chafee is the front-runner of the three-man race that includes Republican John Robitaille, who does not support marriage equality. Caprio slipped from his leading position after saying that President Obama, who is not endorsing any candidates, could “take his endorsement and really shove it” during a radio interview earlier this week.

Legislators in Rhode Island have considered a gay marriage bill every year since 1997. Supporters are banking on a pro-gay marriage governor to help build momentum in the next legislative session.