A protest rally to demand the resignation of Midland School Board member Clint McCance met with resistance from anti-gay counter protesters on Thursday, the Arkansas Times reported.

Holding out signs that read “All Kids Matter” and “RESIGN,” the 35 people protesting McCance's anti-gay rant on Facebook faced about 10 counter protesters with shirts that read “Pro-Bible” and a sign that read “Get away from our kids.”

The protest was helmed by the Little Rock-based gay rights group Center for Artistic Revolution.

Protesters are demanding the ouster of McCance over comments he made on his Facebook profile.

In responding to Spirit Day, a day that encourages people to wear purple to remember gay teens bullied to death, McCance cheers the suicides, says he “enjoys the fact that [gay people] they often give each other aids and die,” and declares he would disown his children if they were gay.

Counter protester arrived in a Ford pickup truck bearing an American flag.

“All these people here, the way I see it, they need to take their signs and go back to the city,” Matt Martin told the paper. “Around here we believe in what the Bible says and the Bible says marriage is between a man and woman.”

“We don't need the gay rights people to come in and support our homosexuals because there is none,” he added. “If there is, they're in the closet.

Gay glossy The Advocate is reporting that McCance, who was elected to the school board in 2007, is up for re-election on November 2, but is running unopposed.

Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, wrote in a blog post Wednesday that he had spoken to McCance about the incident. McCance only said that he had received hundreds of calls on the matter and wasn't speaking because, “I have a family to consider.” The 30-something father-of-two did disclose that he was consulting with an attorney.

Dr. Tom Kimbrell, the director of the Arkansas Department of Education, issued a strongly-worded statement against McCance on Wednesday, but stopped short of endorsing calls for his resignation.

“I strongly condemn the statements that appeared on Mr. Clint McCance's Facebook page,” Kimbrell wrote in a statement. “These comments in no way represent the viewpoints of the thousands of dedicated public school board members, administrators, faculty, staff and students in Arkansas.”

A Facebook group calling for McCance's ouster has swelled to over 50,000 members in just two days.