Hawaii Congressman Charles Djou says he favors repeal of the military's ban on gay service to stop dishonest gay troops from gaming the system.

Djou, one of the Republicans who voted in favor of repeal, told Politics Daily's Matt Lewis that his objection to the law stems from gay troops cheating the government.

“I voted in favor of repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' simply based on my experience having served as an officer in the United States Army Reserves,” he said. “I saw too many examples where … individuals would take, say, a large re-enlistment bonus when something is offered to stay in the Army. Then, all of the sudden, when the unit would get mobilized to go fight in Iraq or Afghanistan, that very same individual … would all of the sudden declare that they're gay, and get out, and be allowed to keep that enlistment bonus. I don't think that's fair. I don't think it works.”

Djou added that the law that has ended the military careers of over 13,000 gay or bisexual service members “is a failed policy.” “It is not necessary to the protection of our nation or our national security.”