After blasting President Obama for doing 'diddly squat' for gay rights, actor Alan Cumming says he's sticking with Democrats.

Last week, in a post at his blog titled Hello!, the 45-year-old Cumming, who is openly bisexual, blasted the president for his lukewarm support on gay rights.

“We keep hearing that Obama is an ally, that DADT will end under his watch, but what do we actually get? Diddly squat thus far on a federal level and in addition to that some very offensive statements that would have made the Republicans look bad,” Cumming wrote.

The Scottish-born actor, who became a U.S. citizen in order to vote for the nation's 44th president, also suggested Obama is a bully: “How can we counsel our children not to bully their gay classmates or pry and mock their gay friends, when they see their president, their beloved President Obama, refusing to do the equivalent in regards to troops and other adults.”

But in a new post on Monday titled Wow, Cumming backtracks, saying he was “dismayed” to hear that some gay people were preparing to take their protest to the ballot box.

“Despite my frustration and anger at the way we are being treated, or more accurately derided or ignored, I would never consider voting for anyone other than a Democratic candidate. I will vote for Obama next time too.”

“I think in America there is a very knee-jerk reaction to political outrage: if we are unhappy then we turn away completely. I know how important it is for all our welfares to keep the Democrats in power in both houses, and I am striving to do that.”