Adam Lambert is talking about his sexuality in an upcoming E! True Hollywood Story set to premiere on November 21.

The one-hour special is expected to take a look at the America Idol season 8 runner-up's meteoric rise to fame, growing up in North San Diego County, and his decision to come out gay.

“I'm very fortunate to have parents that recognized that I was different and recognized how I was special,” Lambert says on the program. “They didn't ever try to box me it.”

American Idol judge Randy Jackson talks about Lambert's first Idol audition: “I was like 'Oh my God – I've been looking for this guy, where has this guy been?'”

The special will also cover the 28-year-old rock star's decision to share his personal life with his fans.

“My fans have been really supportive of my choice to be open and upfront about my sexuality and my lifestyle,” Lambert says. “I have come from the belief that hiding something from people and manipulating what they think of you is far more offensive and disrespectful than just being upfront and being who you are.”