Actor Alan Cumming is livid over President Obama's slow-go on repealing “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the 1993 law that bans open gay service.

The president has said that the law will be repealed during his administration, but last week he appealed a court's ruling declaring the law unconstitutional. Obama says he would like to see the law repealed legislatively.

In a post at his blog titled Hello!, the 45-year-old Cumming, who is openly bisexual, blasts the president for his lukewarm support on gay rights.

“We keep hearing that Obama is an ally, that DADT will end under his watch, but what do we actually get? Diddly squat thus far on a federal level and in addition to that some very offensive statements that would have made the Republicans look bad,” Cumming writes.

The Scottish-born actor became a U.S. citizen in order to vote for the nation's 44th president, but now appears to be suffering from buyer's remorse.

“When America is full of hatred of all kinds, but especially hatred towards young gay people, what message is the president sending when he repeatedly goes out of his way to spread the message that the gay population is not worthy of the respect that everyone else is?!”

“How can we counsel our children not to bully their gay classmates or pry and mock their gay friends, when they see their president, their beloved President Obama, refusing to do the equivalent in regards to troops and other adults.”

“Words and images matter, people,” he adds.