Stripped down and covered in honey for the cover of New York City's Next magazine, the stars of the film BearCity spoof the September cover of Rolling Stone, which featured leading stars of the HBO vampire drama True Blue in the raw and splattered in blood.

In its cover, the gay weekly posed Joe Conti sandwiched between co-stars Gerald McCullouch and Stephen Guarino and replaced honey for blood.

The movie begins a one-week engagement at Quad Cinemas in Manhattan on Friday. Its DVD release, originally slated for Friday, has been pushed back to November 16.

In reviewing the film, On Top Magazine called the film “a sweet and comic romp that is sure to delight furry and hairless alike.”

In the film, svelte and hairless Tyler (played by Conti) escapes his twink-filled world to delve deep into New York's bear scene where he meets the man he's been dreaming of in playbear Roger, played by McCullouch (CSI: New York). Tyler plots to win over Roger during the three-day party called BearCity.